Thanks for expressing an interest in me for your speaking event!
I'm excited and glad you'd like to learn more.


  • Being true to yourself – appreciating your strengths and personality and never being afraid to embrace your INNER SUPERHERO.
  • All things leadership – such as business mindset, employee engagement, communication, individual strengths…
  • Change – dealing with change and the fear of the unknown, taking a leap of faith and pursuing your dreams without regret.

Why I love speaking events

It’s because I believe that each of us have something special to offer and a message that must be transmitted to the world. It can be difficult sometimes to take a leap of faith to be willing to share that gift. 

I believe that our thoughts are powerful and that it makes a difference what we tell ourselves, so I focus on positive, encouraging thoughts. Being able to engage with people and offer support and encouragement has enabled my INNER SUPERHERO to save more days and lives than I ever imagined. 

So tell me, are you embracing your INNER SUPERHERO? Are you following your passion and kicking fear in the face?  How can you reignite that ZAP, BAM, POW inside of you?

What's possible for you and your audience?

As a speaker, my role is as a teacher and an advocate of change.

With each group I support, there is an element of change they want to make happen. Perhaps they want to set a new level of performance and need encouragement and guidance to get there. Perhaps they are fearful of the unknown and need reassurance and ideas on how to move forward.

Change is neither good or bad – it just is. Yet change can be one of the scariest things we face because we are leaving what we know and moving out of our comfort zones striving each day to be greater than the day before.  Greater than what people told us; Greater than our wildest dreams; Great as GOD sees us.  Just GREAT!

You believe in your group and want them to grow…. and I do, too.